Monday, September 17, 2012

Why fishing is the perfect sport for gay men...*

*Now, before you go gettin your panties in a budge, I am not trying to be disrepectful in any way. I find humour in everything, especially myself. So, if you can't read certain things without getting your Schwartz all twisted, move along.....

As I tour the many bait shops and watch all the boats up here in northern Wisconsin, several things have occured to me.

#1....fishermen LOVE shiny things. The more sparkly, the better. Ever looked in a fisherman's tackle box??? We're talking feathers, shiny metal lures, and all sorts of other shiny objects to attract fish.

#2....their boats are fabulous! I saw a boat the other day that was HOT pink and grey (which happen to be my favorite colours right now). It was amazing! And who should happen to be in said boat? An 80 year old man! But, bright colours attract fish. So, there you go. about accessorizing! These fellas have some of the best gear around, particularly the hats! One of the main rules of fishing is you have to have a fishing hat. I even have one. It was $7 at Wally-World, complete with camo and pink embroidery. I look quite smashing in it!

#4....even the terminology works. You've got 'drag', 'rod', 'fish nets', 'jig', 'anal fin'...there's a million of 'em!

Get my point yet???

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