Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bloody knuckles....for real!

I woke up jazzed about "hitting" the heavy bag again! Then, I washed my hands after the morning trip to the loo and let's just say it was not a pleasant experience! I literally hit the bag so hard, bare knuckled yesterday, that I took skin off my hands! Making a fist hurts, so I can't imagine wrapping them and punching with the sparring gloves the hubs found. Merd! I really wanted to get some aggression out. 

Then, the OTHER thing hit me. Exhaustion! The thing about living in the Rizzo (Arizona) is that when it's humid, even just a bit, it's like hell. I seriously think hell is colder! I worked out between 8 and 9 am. No sun hitting me yet, just good old fashioned heat and sweat. I made sure to drink lots of water during the work out and the rest of the day. I rested and napped after my work out, showered, and ate a decent sized lunch and supper. I went to bed at the normal time, slept like a log. And woke up DEAD ASS TIRED!!! *insert swear word*

I wanted to get upset and mad and curse this lame body of mine. Then I told myself that I have NO muscles....except the ones I use on a daily basis. Not to get into my whole story, but I was in a bed for basically a year, then recovering for a year, and I haven't truly exercised for more than a few days for about a week or two. But....every time I got this fatigued, I'd get discouraged and stop. That's where y'all come in!!!

I am going to rest today. My eyelids are tired, that tells me my body needs a break for today. BUT, just for today. I will get some form of exercise tomorrow. I think I'll try the heavy bag again, even if my hands still hurt. I like hitting it. I won't lie and say I don't have some pent up anger about how my surgeries went. I'm not going to dwell on that any longer. I have wasted too much time being pissed off. I think I'll use it to my advantage. Maybe I'll take some boxing classes when I get some muscle definition and stamina back. Who knows? Maybe I'll become professional boxer and spread IBD awareness that way.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As I look at who I am inside (I may as well, heck, tons of doctors have!), I realize that the outside does NOT match. For 4 years, I've been dreaming of the day when I can start being active again. What the hell have I been waiting for?! I am a firm believer that if you don't like something about yourself, CHANGE IT! Why wasn't I living my mantra? Perhaps it's fear, or just being comfortable with what I know. I'm sure it's both. I had to live a certain way for a long time, and I don't have to anymore! I know that I'll never look or act like the 23 year old version of myself that the hubs fell in love with. And I am perfectly fine with that! I like me, and I want to love me!

 Anywho, after the third day in a row where my thighs rubbed together so badly that I chaffed, I decided to take charge of myself! (Isn't that what I went through everything for??) I need to fix what I don't like and fine tune what I do. I changed the situation so it benefits my whole family. Isn't the old saying if mamma's happy, the house is happy? Well, I am a VERY happy wife and mother, but not jazzed as a woman. I've always wanted to do crazy type things. For one of my birthdays, the hubs sent me sky diving. Check that off my bucket list. Other things I'd love to try: roller derby, race car driving, bungee jumping, cliff name a few, AND boxing! I have always wanted to get in the ring and kick someone's ass, and then hug them afterwards. Well, we have a bag hanging up in the back yard. And, it's great for aggression. So, to make this LONG story a tad shorter, I dug out my sports bra(s), the girls have blown up thanks to weight gain, took my laptop outside, kicked my flip flops off, and went to town. Incidentally, if you plug Rob Zombie into Pandora, you get kick ass work out music! (Of course, zombies are some how involved!) I couldn't find the wraps or gloves, so I bare knuckled it. Hey, I'm Welsh, we like to scrap. 

So, I've decided to pick boxing as my work out of choice. BUT, I NEED HELP!!!! So, those of you who read this, bug me about it everyday. Email me, IM me, text me....whatever. There may be some days when I can't do it because I don't have a colon and water loss is a worry. Hey, I live in the desert. No colon and 100+ weather are NOT a good mix. Not to fear, I won't use that as an excuse. I never have and I'm not gonna start now. 

So, without further ado, here are the pics from day one of "Jackie's boxing transformation".