Thursday, February 23, 2012

I think I'm addicted to Star Wars.

   I have seriously been watching the Star Wars trilogy for about 2 weeks. Every day and every night. I have no idea why. It's always been comforting to me. Maybe it was the first movie I had watched where good triumphed over evil, but it wasn't without sorrow. Things didn't all fall into place perfectly.
   Or maybe it's because I know these movies like the back of my hand. Like the little details that you only know when you've watched something more than you can count. Oddly enough, I don't recite dialogue. Anyone who knows me knows that I quote movies constantly! Like, all, the, time. But not with these movies.

Here are some of the "little things":
 I LOVE Chewbacca's mustache
C3PO annoys the crap outta me
Isn't it weird that they have Leai kiss Luke in The Empire Strikes Back?
I think Mark Hamill looks better after the accident. He looks too pretty before.
I still want to be Princess Leai!!
I absolutely adore the cheesiness of the special effects and abhor the additions made in the 90's!
R2D2 is the most intelligent part of the gang
The movies wouldn't have been as good without Harrison Ford as Han Solo
I hate that Carrie Fisher had to struggle to loose weight to play Princess Leai, but DANG does she look awesome in "Return of the Jedi"!
Why the heck is Boba Fett such an adored character?
I speak Ewokese
...I could go on forever!
   Or maybe, just maybe, it's because my 4 year old daughter actually wants to watch them with me all the time! I mean, this is just the first in a long line of things I've been waiting to share with her. She's becoming such a grown up little person, and we have so much fun! I've said it before, she is so much cooler than I am, and teaches me so much.
   Honestly, it's probably a combination of all 3 reasons. It's like the trilogy of why I love Star Wars.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Good intentions

   Well, as you can tell, I didn't post a weeks worth of food color projects. This week was so bizarre, I'm not actually sure what happened! I seriously want to post fun crafts with a theme. I always have the intention of doing what I say I am, but sometimes things come up and I have to put stuff on the back burner. I never do it because I don't care, I'm just forgetful! Maybe next week I'll be a little more organized!

   In the mean time, our household is full of zest this morning. My hubby and daughter have been invited to their first father/daughter dance, and we are ALL excited! It just so happens that I recently bought Boo Boo a frilly, twirly dress. So, I'm gonna do her nails and her hair, maybe a little lite makeup (blush and stuff), we even got the girls corsages! It's gonna be so cute and hopefully the first of many special events for my husband and daughter!

   Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cleaning my computer....

I ran across this and HAD to post it. I think many people these days feel entitled to certain things in life without working for it.