Friday, February 17, 2012

Good intentions

   Well, as you can tell, I didn't post a weeks worth of food color projects. This week was so bizarre, I'm not actually sure what happened! I seriously want to post fun crafts with a theme. I always have the intention of doing what I say I am, but sometimes things come up and I have to put stuff on the back burner. I never do it because I don't care, I'm just forgetful! Maybe next week I'll be a little more organized!

   In the mean time, our household is full of zest this morning. My hubby and daughter have been invited to their first father/daughter dance, and we are ALL excited! It just so happens that I recently bought Boo Boo a frilly, twirly dress. So, I'm gonna do her nails and her hair, maybe a little lite makeup (blush and stuff), we even got the girls corsages! It's gonna be so cute and hopefully the first of many special events for my husband and daughter!

   Have a great weekend!!

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